Nawulbinbin Rock Art 1.7km loop Walk

Point Of Interest

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Victoria-Daly Region, Northern Territory


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Lat: -15.605939 Lng: 131.079194

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A Gypsy and her Kelpie

Absolutely breathtaking walk along the edge of the cliff face. Took my dog on lead, no signs to say otherwise. Good shoes a must, take you time and stop once in a while to appreciate the sheer beauty of the place. The art is beautiful however the weather has had its way with it, and with no initiated people left to touch it up it will continue to wear away and be lost forever. Sadly another reminder of our dark history


Robby & Porto Tour Guiding Aussie.

Great walk. Accidentally went anti clock wise but I think either is fine. Just depends if you like going up steps or down but they both have them Blue arrow signs are well spaced to see one to the other particularly as up the top there has been rock falls in the past & being the beginning of the season lots of palm leaves covering the track. I did remove some. Ranges have left a water cart up top from recent control burning off. The art work is great, sitting and absorbing the ambiance under the palm trees in solitude is very special. 30° today sertainly suggest an early start. Rained last night but able to get 18ft van in not needing 4WD. A good wide road. Little correction. Plenty of room for big rigs.



Such a lovely circular route so stunning to get up close to the bottom of the escarpment wall. Def some scrambling over rocks where it seems rock fall has covered the paths. I did think surely 1.7km can't take that long but it is slow progress in parts with the scrambling and you have to concentrate on the walk so only take in the views whilst stopped. Change in vegetation is so amazing over such a short distance. I second what another reviewer posted below go clockwise, it's nice to finish along the valley floor and take in the escarpment you just conquered


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