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Larapinta Dr, Mereenie, Northern Territory


Hasn't been graded in over 18 months some harsh corigation leading to washouts and some stretches of 20km speeds due to the roughness.

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Lat: -23.796072 Lng: 131.620204

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Drove this 28/4/22 with 4x4 and camper trailer. Dropped tyres pressures to 30psi. The first section has quite a few washouts mostly on the crests so you don't see them until you on top of them (we came kings canyon way north and they were mostly on the left). We sat on about 80 in between. Although at first look the road isn't too bad it's the corrugations that will get you. We saw 2 caravans on the way but to be honest we wouldn't take a van this way at this point in time.



Towed May 2 2021. My 20c worth. One of the roughest 150 ks I've been on. Towing 17' Jayco Journey independent suspension dual axle. First 60 ks from Morris lookout very corrugated but few rocks. Beware the bull dust hollow over a crest just past the lookout bitumen. After 60 ks it just becomes rough with less corrugations. We had no damage but have done a lot of other dirt roads and prepared accordingly. Do not advise this as a first off road experience although it is tempting as a shortcut to West Macdonnell Ranges. Little traffic. Definitely don't drive this in a city car - you will break it. When you think it's tough there is guy (Daniel) cycling it please check he is ok. We have met him in several places including on the Oodnadatta Road.



Drove this on 23/4/22. Towing 18ft single axle van. Yes it is rough and corrugated. Tips for the van. Empty all heavy items from the fridge doors. Tape cupboards closed - we had a few items fall out. Stop offen and tighten any screws that are getting loose. We lost a couple and found one of unknown source. Tyres to 28psi, remember they get hotter on rough roads. Changed drivers hourly. Avg speed 50-60km/hr. Don't expect to get through without some issues.


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